Wednesday, December 19, 2012

MMU Convocation 2012

Finally, the much awaited day has arrived.
8th October 2012 marks another important event in my life.
I have officially completed my studies.
All the hard work and effort (not that much actually) that I put in for the last 5 years,
has earned me a degree in accounting.

The convocation was held in MMU Cyberjaya.
I was kinda excited and sad.
Excited that I have finally graduated
And sad, as I will part ways with my friends.
My uni life was full of joy, happiness and adventures
because of them.

So, I would like to take this opportunity to say 
for staying with me through ups and downs.
I will never forget you guys
And lets stay in touch no matter how busy our lives is after this.

(PS: I know it sounded

Congrats to graduates out there and all the best for your future undertakings.

So, just scroll down for pictures.

Many thanks to my family that has supported me all the way.....><
Ee Lin, my childhood friend....Congrats
I just realised that I don't have a picture with you in your robe on the actual day......:(
Lingli, who studied in the same kindergarten with me but I only know her in uni....
(Fate can be surprising at times)
Too many cameras. and both of us aren't looking here...
Thanks Miss Susan for all your guidance and support.....^^
The standard throwing the mortar celebration...:P
My scroll.....muahaha...working life, here I come..
Thanks my dear friends for all your wishes and presents/

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Simply Delicious

I went to a few nice restaurants last month.
First is the Dakgalbi Scandal In Ampang.
Dakgalbi is stir fried marinated chicken in chili pepper paste.

Dakgalbi Scandal
Ingredients to cook Dakgalbi.....
Ramen, rice cakes, chicken and vege.....
Kimchi...a must in Korean dishes.....
Cucumber soup to sooth the spiciness...><
Watermelon dessert......Yummy
Thanks bro for the dinner.....^^
Next is the Thai Western food.
Black Canyon has many tasty and flavorful dishes.
Eating here brings back memories with Ee Lin as this used to be our favorite restaurant during internship.

Spaghetti with basil leaves
Spicy spiral ....
 Spicy chicken and prawn with rice....
My favorite Tom Yam...:P
Lastly is The Manhattan Fish Market in Mid Valley.
There's many choices and the fishes are very fresh.

Mushroom soup
Fish and Chip
The Mediterranean Baked Fish

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bukit Tinggi Excursion 2012

Bukit Tinggi!!!
A place with beautiful scenery and fresh air...
The first place that we went was the Japanese village..
It was a good exercise for me as well with all those climbing and stairs...^^

A hike up to the Japanese village...
Lots of things to see....^^
Cute little Japanese house...
Nice view from up here...:P
Japanese restaurant 
 Next, we went to the French village.
Spend lots of time cam whoring.....

Looks like a castle with all those flags..
Feeding the swans with fish foods...
Beautiful landscaping....
Lunch in the french village...
Mouth watering food...:P

Chillin Session

Hihi, its been a long time since I've updated my blog.
This happen during one of the weekend when I've just started working.
My sis and I went to chill out at my cousin's place..
I tried a lot of things that day.
Scroll below and have a look...

Firstly, I tried playing the guitar.
Damn, it was difficult.
By then, I realised that I don't have the talent to play the guitar....

Trying to play a chord...It was tough....
 Next, I played with the balloons...
It was fun and exciting..
Plus a few of heart attack moments when the balloon burst.

Fully geared before starting the intensive course from Mynn.

One of my proud success - Parrot...:P

The balloons that didn't make it in the process.....
Ice-creams break.....:)

 Then, I have a go at the monopoly deal.
It was different than the usual monopoly
And it is nicer and enjoyable to play...
With each other trying to sabotaj the other party....

Full concentration...
 Well, all good things must come to an end...
I ended my chilling session with a goodbye to Carlos...

Carlos and I ....

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Relaxing Day

Since is was a sunny day, I decided to hang out at my cousin's place.
She lives in one of those army or colonial houses.
Look down for a glimpse of the house.
Look historical rite...

My cousin's bodyguard - The Mighty Terracotta
 A good day for sun bathing.
Though I sprayed lots of sun block.(^^)

Enjoying the sun.....
Relaxing in the pool...before jumping in to swim....
Homemade cocoa & strawberry ice-cream...
Thanks Jie Edna for letting us crash your place....^^

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium (MEMA)

Since, I have nothing better to do, I decided to join my dad's trip to Resort world, Singapore.
I called a few friends to join me but only Lingli was available.
So, off we go to Singapore for a day trip.
This time around, we visited MEMA. 
I expected this trip to be a fast & boring.

The exhibition was average (okaylah) for me.
It shows all the culture & places that Admiral Cheng Ho visited during his voyage.

Chinese opera from China...Duh ><

Lingli the water puppet from Vietnam....^^

What capture our attention was the interactive session.
We spend most of our times playing games , exploring new things and colouring.
Understand the sound traditional music instruments through games....

Make your own wayang kulit....(This is Lingli and my Mr. Joker)

Busy SS-ing in the toilet....:P
 My favourite interactive session is the vase making session.
Below are some of the vase I've created.
Guess how much they are sold for.....

Pink swallow vase....

Floral blue vase....
We also watched a 4D typhoon show which cost us additional $6. 
Overall, the visit to the museum was much more enjoyable than what I imagine.
We spend almost 4 hours in the museum having fun.