Saturday, April 14, 2012

Charity Prom Night 2012

Hollywood Night!!!!! ( That's the theme)
Although, we don't actually dressed according to the theme....^^
We just wear whatever we have in our closet.
Finally, we did attend a prom.....
We have decided to keep the prom till our very last semester.
And we did it....:P

You know what is the best part of it?
All of us SS and keep taking photos....:)
I managed to get my pictures taken with the DJs as well...
Take a look at some of the photos...

The tickets.....
3 beauties & a beast ( Just kidding, don't kill me)
Hollywood ( Didn't get to capture the red carpet)
Ben from

Phat Fabes from as well

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Visit to Wildlife Theatre Melaka

My gals and I decided to pay a visit to the newly open Wildlife Theatre in Pulau Melaka.
There, we get to see seals performing and many types of snakes......ssssssss
The show is quite simple but entertaining...
And we get to see some orang asli too....
It seems that there will be new animals in the future......
Maybe in 5 years time, I'll come back for another round.....^^

The signboard....Duh
A picture at the entrance....(Did u see the pic of the seal?)
A group picture with Mary, the seal....:P

Some of the orang asli

A 22 kg python...Its very heavy.....

Other snakes there....><