Sunday, February 28, 2010

Teluk Mas's Prayer

Last Friday, I went to Teluk Mas to pray.
There is a procession or what they say as "Datuk berarak".
A long table full with food is prepared as a feast to the Gods.
With 6 roasted piglets and all kind of mouth watering dishes
were put on the table.

Everyone was waiting eagerly for the auspicious hour
to start the ceremony although the sun is scorching.
It started with a dragon dance to welcome the Gods.
Then, everyone will start praying and burn offering to the Gods.
When all that is over, its time to eat.....Yum yum (the nicest part of all)

A man that has been possessed by a God.

The dragon dance group...

The dragon going around the table to pay respects.

Fish shape jelly..( Pretty huh )

Cakes as offerings.