Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Inhuman Act!!!

It all started when I brought my 3 dogs out for a walk yesterday
evening. As usual, Junior will run away to the alley at the back
of the house to find his friend. I just ignore him as he will usually
come home on his own after awhile.
So, I ended my walk and busied myself with some work.

Then, I heard my mum shouting, calling my name. She told me
that my neighbour saw some men shooting stray dogs at the back
alley. The first thing that crosses my mind was
"Is Junior home yet?"
My uncle who was at my house that time quickly rode his bike and
search for Junior. I ran to the back alley as fast as I could.

Upon reaching there, I saw a group of Five Malay men.
They have already surrounded Junior's friend.
I panicked and quickly scanned for my dog.
I looked around but I did not see him.
I only saw three stray dogs loitering there.

Then, I saw my uncle giving me a hand signal.
I approached him.
It seems that Junior recognizes his motor and went to greet
my uncle.
As I was walking there, I heard a loud "BANG".
Then only I realize that there's a guy with a riffle, standing only a few feet away from me.

I panicked and quickly grab Junior by his collar.
I drag him all the way home as he refuses to move.
My mind when numb and all I can think of was to get him away from there.

At home, my mum told me that they shot Junior's friend.
She saw that dog dropped dead.
I was rather sad and angry.
That dog did not even resist or tried to harm anyone.
She just sat there quietly, totally unaware of what's happening.
The next thing, she's dead.

The worse thing is, she's pregnant and was about to give birth
soon. She was a nice and good dog.
I used to play and sometimes fed her.
Now, she's gone.
Not only one life is taken away.
All those innocent, unborn puppies never get their chance to see the world.

How can these people be so cruel???
Imagine, they do this everyday as a living....
Why do Malaysia still have the policies of shooting stray dogs?
There are better solutions in controlling the amount of strays.
They can neuter the dogs to stop them from breeding.
Dogs are also God's creation.
Dogs are a living being too, they can't just simply kill them.
This is just too cruel and inhuman.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rubik Mania

There was a time when I think that people playing
with Rubik's cube are geeks and nerds.
I have never imagine that one day I will fall madly in love with the Rubik.
It is a fun and mind challenging game to play...
its like solving a difficult math question.
You will keep on trying till you solve it..^^

Pretty cube isn't it.
You'll get pretty excited solving this...
A 5 by 5 cube...tough one
Collection of cubes

Thursday, January 14, 2010


What's crossing your mind right now?
Alvin & the chipmunks?
No no no
Its not Alvin & the chipmunks.
Its Chip n Dale, the rescue ranger.
My brother bought this cute little chipmunks for us.

Chip n Dale
This one is given to my brother's girlfriend.

This is Mine...:P