Sunday, October 14, 2012

Simply Delicious

I went to a few nice restaurants last month.
First is the Dakgalbi Scandal In Ampang.
Dakgalbi is stir fried marinated chicken in chili pepper paste.

Dakgalbi Scandal
Ingredients to cook Dakgalbi.....
Ramen, rice cakes, chicken and vege.....
Kimchi...a must in Korean dishes.....
Cucumber soup to sooth the spiciness...><
Watermelon dessert......Yummy
Thanks bro for the dinner.....^^
Next is the Thai Western food.
Black Canyon has many tasty and flavorful dishes.
Eating here brings back memories with Ee Lin as this used to be our favorite restaurant during internship.

Spaghetti with basil leaves
Spicy spiral ....
 Spicy chicken and prawn with rice....
My favorite Tom Yam...:P
Lastly is The Manhattan Fish Market in Mid Valley.
There's many choices and the fishes are very fresh.

Mushroom soup
Fish and Chip
The Mediterranean Baked Fish