Monday, August 29, 2011


Finally, the long awaited six months has come to an end.
Today, is my last day serving as an intern in KPMG.
Here I am, sitting in the office
Sending out my last email to everyone.

6 months ago, I came here without much expectation  (Just hoping I can quickly end this.)
But now, I feel a tinge of sadness deep down in my heart.
I've made new friends and experience a great deal with them.
And it is hard to bid goodbye.

This internship has taught me a lot.
It gives me a clearer picture of my future.
At this moment, I am glad that I have chosen this path. (Hopefully i don't regret this in the future)
A chapter of my life has ended.
Now a new chapter is to begin. (MMU, I have come back)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bukit Gasing Hiking Trip

During one of the weekend in KL, I've decided to join
 my coleagues for an outing.
And, where were we going?
Of course, we have chosen a hill that is easier to climb as
this was a first time experience for some of us.
Our chosen hill is.....

Bukit Gasing's Entrance

Excited faces before the hike....><
Yeapppp...We only leave footprints & sweat behind...:)

Mid-point (At the hanging bridge of death - kidding)
Finish hiking....(Look at all the super excited faces - didn't look tired at all)

It was a fun and memorable hike for everyone
Two of my friends got lost during the hike.
There are 2 exit and they took the exit which brought them far
from the entrance.
Luckily, all well ends well.
We ended our trip by having breakfast (should I say brunch)
at the mamak shop nearby. (It is always about food)