Sunday, June 20, 2010

Makan Makan

My cousin, Mynn was in town last Saturday. However, she brought along her boyfriend which kinda spoil the fun as she is quite obsessed with him. This is Mynn and her darling.
Her Canon EOS 550 D
We had satay for our lunch. Eat so much that I have sore throat. Haiz..

Satay gravy

Onion and cucumber


Intestine satay
Then, we went to a shop a few doors away to have our dessert. The shop is called Nadeje Cafe.
It is known for its delicious crepe cakes.

Berry Berry Strawberry

Thursday, June 3, 2010

K - ON!

I've just finish watching Season 1 of the anime K-On!. Since it has only 14 episodes, it took me only 2 days to finish it. This anime revolves around a group of girls who join their school's light music club in order to save it from being abolished. Well, the anime is funny and interesting as the characters have their own characteristics and trademark. However, it disappoint me a little as i had expected to hear more songs and music. The 1st season concentrate more on the characters relationship instead.

The band is called "After School Teatime"

Yui is the main character in this anime. She plays the guitar and is the vocalist in the band.
She loves eating and are often been lured by it. Most of the time she's just a blur case.....

Hirasawa Yui - Lead Guitarist

Ritsu is the president of the club. She plays the drum. She is always forgetful when it comes to submitting forms and applications.

Tainaka Ritsu - Drummer

Mio is Ritsu's best friend.She plays the bass. She is the back-up vocalist. She has a cool and mature attitude.

Akiyama Mio - Bassist

Mugi plays the keyboard. She comes from a wealthy family but is a very down to earth person.

Kotobuki Tsumugi - Keyboardist

Azusa is the youngest in the band as she is their junior. She also plays the guitar. She often looks up upon Mio and has a weakness for cakes.

Nakano Azusa - Guitarist